About me & what I do

I’ve been a professional photographer for 18 years, but I’ve been taking pictures since I was 11 years old. I’ve been obsessed with the ever changing light for as long as I can remember and constantly have the urge to capture it before it changes and disappears

I take pictures to connect to places and people. 

I am fascinated by all of our stories and journeys. I’ve always been a talker, chatting to everyone just like my grandma Dot. As you’ll see from my portfolio, I love studying and recording human nature in all its form.

My background

After doing my time at Nottingham Trent University gaining a degree in photography, then travelling the world with my sister. Much of the time wishing I could make photography my way of paying the bills. I decided to knuckle down as a photography assistant working within commercial/advertising/fashion photography, it was bloody hard work but the experience was invaluable. It gave me the confidence I knew how to "do it" and I went out on my own 2004. Wow that makes me feel quite old!

Here I am, still loving it and shooting for a wide variety of clients, including: